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Optioneel: IPMA D exam

Training to become a ‘Certified Project Management Associate’

This is a three day training that comes with an additional Q&A session. The training offers a thorough theoretical knowledge of the professional, behavioural and contextual competencies in project management, based on the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline and its best practices. This training will prepare you for the IPMA-D exam.

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    Target audience

    (Junior) project leaders and project managers as well as project support officers responsible for or involved in managing projects.
    There are no prerequisites to attend this training. However, it is an advantage if you already have some experience in projects.


    After completing this training, you will be able to manage non-complex projects independently and support project managers in complex projects. This training enables you to successfully prepare yourself for the IPMA-D exam.


    The training focuses on understanding, analysing and applying all elements of project management, as defined in the Individual Competence Baseline version 4 (ICB4):

    • 14 Professional competence elements (Practice)
    • 10 Behavioural competence elements (People)
    • 5 Contextual competence elements (Perspective)


    All IPMA competencies will be explained, discussed, and illustrated using practical examples, a case study and exercises. During the training exam questions will be practiced. A Q&A session is provided separately, shortly before the actual exam. This session lasts 1.5 – 2.5 hours, depending on the questions asked.


    The training can be provided in class and online, via open registration as well as in-company.

    Training material

    You will receive the book “Project Management based on ICB4 level IPMA-D” and a syllabus with all PowerPoint slides, a case study and a sample exam. You will also be given access to our e-learning as additional support to your exam preparation.

    The e-learning consists of:
    • An extensive summary of the theory
    • An extensive set of multiple-choice questions with rationale
    • An extensive set of open questions with sample answers
    • The PowerPoint slides
    • The case study with exercises and sample answers
    • The IPMA sample exam
    • A glossary


    The IPMA-D training fully complies with the ICB4 Examination Requirements as defined by IPMA Certification.

    The IPMA-D exam itself is not included in this training. To take this exam, you must register directly at www.ipmacertificeren.nl.

    Study load

    The expected study load is approximately 40 hours, in addition to the actual training hours.


    The price for this training, including the Q&A session, is € 1,445 per person excl. VAT.